Madame Butterfly

This morning was hectic .. went to the MOHE, British Council, Spanish embassy ..

Let me rant about the embassy first 😛

It fails compared to the UK visa place .. only one employee takes the applications .. a small waiting room .. and a red haired bitch that screams a lot!!

I swear to god that woman does not want people travelling to Spain! Below is a convo i heard from her:

caller: good afternoon

she: good afternoon to you, cei

caller: N/A

she: *shouting* don’t you understand? i do not know! for appointments call 110 ONE ONE ZERO! *closes phone*

Is that professional? Jeez learn some manners! you work in a diplomatic institution and represent the Spanish people for gods sake!

You may have read the article in Al Watan newspaper this morning about the schengen .. so loads of people were in there asking questions and such .. Madame Butterfly did not like that! 😛

She: I’m a busy woman!

Poor man: I know Rose, please just check this

She: Give!

Poor man: *sweat beads appear on forehead* Thank you

She: This passport can go to Espania on own responsibility! you understand!

Poor man: yeah but the article ..

She: Look! *she takes article from desk* I will stick this on my head tonight because i will dream about it!

Poor man: @.@

She: You understand? This is only half the information! I told you the rest!!

Poor man: OK OK thank you *walks away*

They need better PR 😛


12 Responses

  1. love the pic, & did u talk to her? what’d she say? 😛 XD


    • she has the same hair but face with wrinkles .. damn scary! 😛

      and i did not talk to her .. if she shouted at me I would have given her a piece of my mind >.< in a british accent 😛

  2. Lol she seems lovely ;p

    • LOL!

      yes lovely .. if u compare her to the wicked witch of the west 😛

      • Oh I love the wicked witch of the west! think I’ll pay them a visit to check her out! ;p

  3. This was a call I had today (to people about my cell phone -he was in an Indian call center and reading from a machine I bet)
    me – your not helpful, you’re giving me wrong infomation and I don’t like you. Your not very good at your job.
    Man – yes this is true.

    • LMFAO!!

    • Lmfaoooo!!!!

  4. Is it creepy that I am kind of attracted to her?

    PS: I did read the post, not just stare at her beautiful red hair

    • LOL!!!

      no not creepy at all .. pay her a visit 😛

  5. LOOOOOOOL You were right about calling her a bitch! i don’t think i’ll ever go to Spain now!

    • hahaha I’m dreading Tuesday .. I have to go collect the passports >.<

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