Ramadan TV
August 18, 2011

Ga3d yeshrab Vimto .. la yroo7 balkom b3eed!

So as everyone knows, Arabic TV prospers during the holy month of Ramadan.

Ygoolk el mathal, Ramadan is to Arab TV drama producers what the Superbowl is to American advertisers.

Why? People need something to keep them from thinking about food I guess, but the 3-4 scenes of machboos in each episode doesn’t help much. Ahm, a larger audience maybe? With everyone staying up till 3AM they’re bound to flick through the channels looking for something to watch.

Anyways, I’m not analyzing why they only produce shows during Ramadan, I actually thank them for that. To endure the pain a month than endure it for a whole year.

So what am I watching?

Bu Kareem and his 7 daughters.

Cheesy, over acting and it just drags. They cry a wee bit more than they have to. And the story is just too depressing. It’ll be easy giving this show up in a couple of days when I arrive in Kansas. Nothing I’ll miss.

Al Maleka, the Queen. No scenes were shot in Buckingham Palace.

Nice story and direction. I love Huda 7sain’s acting here, very powerful. #lolwut

Oh and she can sing!

Ahm that’s pretty much it. I don’t recommend either one.

One thing I’d like to mention, WHY THE FUCK DO I SEE THE SAME ACTORS IN EVERY SHOW? YAHHH! BASS! LO T3ARFOON TMATHLOON CHAN OK BAS MAT3ARFOON! NAFS EL SHEY 3LAA KEL EL SHASHAAAT! FUCK OFF! (cc: Boshehri Brothers, Elham El Fe’9ala, Basem 3abdel Ameer’s kids) La 7aram Elham t3arf tmathel. Kinda.

I wouldn’t watch this crap if the internet here in Kuwait didn’t suck balls. Sadly it does.

The adverts this year fail.

A kid sitting in front of the camera laughing and a guy on a private jet – da3ayat bank. SHAKO? SHAAAAKOOO????

Women wearing Halloween masks in a 3ers – da3ayat 9aloon.  LESH EL RO3B?

Wa7da labsa 3abaya maska iPad – da3ayat 3abaya 7ag el mar2a el 3a9riya. FFFFUUUUUU


What are you guys watching?


Steve, what you up to?
August 17, 2011

I’ve been diwaniya-hopping these past couple of weeks, and in nearly every one the iPhone was discussed, mta eb yanzil? shno el muwa9afat? nafs el iPhone 4? el galaxy a7san! etc.

Now, just a note: iPhone sales have grown rapidly here in Kuwait! Mashalla el kel 3enda iPhone .. when I left Kuwait in January kelkom kentaw et6ag6goon bel Blackberry .. 6ela3 ma mna fayda haa? El mohim.

Let’s discuss some rumors about the highly anticipated iPhone:

Ygoolk, Apple will release two iPhones .. a complete upgrade to the current iPhone 4 and a similar, cheaper one with some minor upgrades to cater for the less financially capable market. China for example.

Ygoolk, the iPhone 5 will look something like the photo below. The prototype was designed according to covers that were mass produced in China (hal 9eeniyeen she’8olhom 7aar eb 7aar ynazloon covers gabul laa yanzel el jihaaz).

Now now, don’t get all hyped .. 3adi jedan it wont look like the photo above .. here’s a photo of the iPhone 4 prototype before the media got their hands on a real one left in some bar. It doesnt look like the one you see everywhere now yeah?

Ygoolk, Apple will be accepting pre-orders for the new device sometime at the end of September and they’ll be releasing it in at the beginning of October (dates vary).

Ygoolk, Steve will get on stage and introduce this new device, in addition to a new line of iPods before the release date .. so expect an event in the next couple of weeks.

All the above is based on rumors from trusted sites.

Now, let’s discuss this Samsung phone. The Galaxy S II

Ygoolk, it’s better than the iPhone 4.

It is.

The iPhone 4 was released in June 2010. The Galaxy S II was released in May 2011. Around a year later.

Shey akeed, the newer phone will have better hardware. As for software, in my opinion, I see that iOS is much more simpler to use than Android. Yes, Android is more customisable, but in todays’ world we want something that provides ease of use and great output. And as for applications, you’re comparing the 250,000 apps from the Android Market to the 500,000 apps from the Apple App Store? lol.

So …

That’s that .. some tech gossip you can talk about bel diwaween and you girls too, in your ghabgat!


A post from home
August 17, 2011

All Rights Reserved to Mohad Swaidan


I’ve been in Kuwait for more than 2 weeks now, I’m heading back to the Midwest in a couple of days so I thought I’d share some random thoughts from home.

Nothing changed in Kuwait, same old same old. I did notice some new construction going on though. I like how Al Hamra is looking!

Ahm, mbarak 3lekom el shahar .. better late than never. Ramadan with me is non-existent to be honest, I sleep in the morning and wake up 3al athaan. I sleep at 1AM Kansas time, and wake up at 10AM Kansas time. I’m going to blame jet lag .. no need to go into this .. I know jet lag doesnt last 2 weeks.

It’s good to be back with family, I missed my sister, the beleiber. I really do believe in this Beiber fever, el mara’9 6ela3 y3adi! I kind off like the guy with all his posters and music blasting around the room. LOL. Wait wait don’t close the page, I’m kidding.

I miss blogging, but I guess I share most of my thoughts on Twitter now. I’m thinking of having a weekly post where I share my top tweets from that week. El blog ykesh thubaan mskeen. You see twitter is more efficient as now I’m more on the go than in front of a computer.

Uni is going good, the semesters are flying smoothly el7amdlela, hoping this continues.

Shno ba3ad?

Basi hathra.

E wait, I’m looking forward to the next semester .. I have 3 day weekends!

OK I think 5ala9t. Post you later!


Who should be the next PM?
April 1, 2011

As you’ve all heard, the current Kuwaiti government has resigned, a wise move in my opinion, to avoid political unrest in the country; and within a week the Kuwaiti emir will announce the new Prime Minister. He in turn will hand pick the rest of the ministers.

The members of parliament have clearly showed that they don’t want to see Sheikh Nasser Al Mohammed as a PM once again, but of course that’s not in their hands. They’ve promised that all interpellations will resume if they don’t see significant changes in the upcomming new government.

I’m interested here, who do you think should be the next PM? Want Sheikh Nasser to return? Or a new face for a new government?

Share you’re thoughts! 🙂

عيدي يا كويت
February 25, 2011


Wishing all the Kuwaitis a happy Indepence and Liberation day!! Enjoy and have fun. 🙂

Click HERE for the events being held during the weekend!

In Kansas though, I’ll be attending classes! ;p

Everyone can show their love!
February 3, 2011

I was asked by the talented Shaima Dashti to watch her video, and if I like it; to share it with you guys. I LOVED IT.

Very touching, she gets my vote!


The video won first place in the competition .. well deserved and keep up the great work Shaima!

Q&A: Brownsugar from 360 Dewan
December 5, 2010

Itsallg000d, computer engineer graduated from California State University of Chico & Brownsuger, electrical engineer graduated from Kuwait University; were two trouble makers with common interests and hobbies who got to know each other from work, at first in the governmental sector then  moved on up to the private sector. They created the  infamous Kuwaiti blog 360 Dewan, with posts about latest restraunts; local events and technology!! I was lucky to get a Q&A session with Brownsugar! Enjoy and do visit their blog HERE!!

So Brownsugar, When were you happiest?

When I achieve my goals. 

 What is your greatest fear?

Losing the trust of those who trust me.

What is your earliest memory? 

Waking up from bed going to the living room and knowing the names of strangers which appeared to be my family 😀

Which living person do you most admire, and why? 

(Al-Burk) Barack Obama because he started from scratch and went from a nobody to the president of the most powerful country with his thoughts, charisma, actions and vision.

What was your most embarrassing moment?

Falling in the ice skating arena in front of girls :s

What is your most treasured possession?

A prayer rug I inherited from my late father god bless him 🙂 

Where would you like to live? 

I wish to live in 3 places Tokyo, New York and Madina

What would your super power be?

Reading peoples’ minds that would be awesome 😉

If you could bring something extinct back to life, what would you choose? 

Noah’s Ark; I know weird.

What is your most unappealing habit? 

Living my life in a very high-speed ultra sonic paste

What is your favourite word? 


What is your favourite book?

The Magic of thinking Big; it was recommended to me by Professor Dr. Mosa Al-Mizedi.  

What is your guiltiest pleasure? 


Who would you invite to your dream dinner party? 

Mariah Carey NO QUESTION

What has been your biggest disappointment?

People with great potential but they don’t believe themselves.

If you could edit your past, what would you change?

Not replying to the email XD 

If you could go back in time, where would you go? 

Kuwait during the 70’s; I never witnessed it but I heard it was a blast ;D

How do you relax? 

By traveling!

 What is the closest you’ve come to death? 

In a car accident once, until today I count my luck stars :s

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

 Winning Kuwait schools basketball championship when I was at high school and getting my current career

How would you like to be remembered? 

Humble, decant, generous, brave and caring (a night and shining armor 🙂 )

 What is the most important lesson life has taught you? 

“Trust no one!”

Tell us a joke 

what do you tell a person with 2 blacked eyes? … Nothing! Because he’s already has been told twice XD

Tell us a secret

It won’t be a secret if I did 😛

I would like to thank you so much for taking the Q&A session with me, keep up the great work on the blog!!

World Diabetes Day. Today.
November 14, 2010

The 14th of November is World Diabetes Day. Many members of my family suffer diabetes, including my 14-year-old cousins. It’s painful even imagining having to suffer a daily dosage of injections and medication at this young age. Here in Kuwait, due to our diets, type-2 diabetes is very common. I thought I share the posters below, and hopefully bring some awareness to you guys. And to all the diabetes patients, especially the young ones, stay strong and hopefully you’ll be cured one day! 🙂

Poster 1: targeted at people at risk of type 2 diabetes.

Poster 2: targeted at decision-makers.

Poster 3: targeted at healthcare professionals.

Poster 4: targeted at people with diabetes.

Poster 5: targeted at parents.

Dhari the Dentist!
November 13, 2010


Kuwaiti Sayings: The one with the goat.
November 12, 2010

الطول طول النخلة و العقل عقل الصخلة

That’s one of my favourite Kuwaiti sayings and it’s basically saying .. you’re as tall as a palm tree! But you have a goat’s brain.