my shoulders look like Simon's face 😛

I spent the whole day in Aqua Park with friends today .. many things came to mind:

1) apply sun screen on your shoulders and not on your back .. or else you’ll have red shoulders!

2) some kids really have to be taught how to respect people .. during “lunch” (frozen chicken burgers) a group of guys – 3agad – were taking the piss out of the female workers .. speaks of your up bringing you know! 😉

3) I never imagined a land of boobs .. Aqua Park is the place though .. man boobs are every where! Saw many obese kids .. sad look into the future!

4) My friends rock! 😛

5) Never spend too many hours under our scorching Kuwaiti sun .. it doesnt look good later on!

6) One shower = Shower .. more than one shower = Showers .. now to Arabic .. one dosh = dosh .. more than one dosh = adshash? Saw that sign in Aqua Park 😛

.. oh and an update on the MOHE:

I’m going again tomorrow morning because i apparently forgot to sign a certain document .. and a Cambridge uni certificate is not good for them .. they want a school stamp on the certificates .. ok question here! why didnt u tell me on the day? i could have sworn you went through my papers 2-3 times! Ufff! 😛


9 Responses

  1. Uff indeed… Put some aftersun on, otherwise your face might crack with anger tomorrow 🙂

    • hehe yeah I’m swimming in Bepanthen 😛

  2. i got sunburnt too.. shoulders to be exact lol.. i think that NOT applying sunscreen wouldnt have caused this 😛


    • Our shoulders were the only thing that showed when we were in the pools .. and i didnt put cream on them .. 7a6 3ala my back 😛

      BTW .. mino ubook? LOL!

      • lmfaooooooooooo inta 😛 LOL!!!

      • Bwahahahaha!! Never gets old

      • hehehe 😛

  3. Scary!!
    i wouldn’t be out in public if i were him!!

    • haha he does look creepy 😛

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