tough luck!

To my reader Hunter and all the USA fans .. tough luck mate 😛


19 Responses

  1. darn it.. this is unbelievable >.< Hope they lose the next match 😛


    • LOL!!
      Where were you yesterday? >.<

      • sleeping 😛 lolol


  2. yeah you should see the look on their face ;p

    • haha i did .. priceless 😛

  3. Ghana played awesome,i think has the match went on ,the u.s players got tired.
    kudos to Ghana.A real test against uruguay

    • Yeah it was a great match .. thumbs up! (Y)

  4. J*a*k*e is right, I hope they go out next time… So unfair… Their cheaters. I was screaming at the tv so much the neighbour came and said please turn the noise down…?you can imagine what I said to her…
    And that’s q80boy!! Hehe i’m famous now!!

    • And dude I mean thanks not that’s!! Stupid predictive text 🙂

    • hahaha I thought about you when the match ended .. the only USA supporter i know off haha! 🙂

      • Lol thanks!! It’s down to brazil now for me!! Right now i’m going crazy though… Just moved house and I’ve been two days without tv as they can’t install the dish till next week… No Internet to Monday too only my iphone… Help!!!!!!

  5. Looove the picture!! Eyecatching!!

    My favorite thing about the world cup? – the fans and their patriotic outfits offcourse!!

    • haha yeah the fans give the whole tournament a special taste .. thanks for passing by! 🙂

  6. No USA no Brasil… This is a stupid weird world cup 😦

    • LMAO!!

      Hard luck mate .. maybe it’s the teams you support? 😛 hahaha

      Viva Espania!! (hopes they do good tomorrow :P)

      • Dude I think it is… I was wanting Argentina… I’m not going to say who I want now!!

      • LOL!!!!!

        Bad luck much? 😛 hahahaha

  7. Lol very much!! Rooting for a team begining with U now (see, I’m bit saying the name so I can’t jinx them!! Spain paraguay was excelent! Loved the penalty bit!!

    • I hated the Penalty bit .. nearly cried 😛 They have a tough game ahead of them now .. good luck to them and U 😛 haha

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