Ramadan TV

Ga3d yeshrab Vimto .. la yroo7 balkom b3eed!

So as everyone knows, Arabic TV prospers during the holy month of Ramadan.

Ygoolk el mathal, Ramadan is to Arab TV drama producers what the Superbowl is to American advertisers.

Why? People need something to keep them from thinking about food I guess, but the 3-4 scenes of machboos in each episode doesn’t help much. Ahm, a larger audience maybe? With everyone staying up till 3AM they’re bound to flick through the channels looking for something to watch.

Anyways, I’m not analyzing why they only produce shows during Ramadan, I actually thank them for that. To endure the pain a month than endure it for a whole year.

So what am I watching?

Bu Kareem and his 7 daughters.

Cheesy, over acting and it just drags. They cry a wee bit more than they have to. And the story is just too depressing. It’ll be easy giving this show up in a couple of days when I arrive in Kansas. Nothing I’ll miss.

Al Maleka, the Queen. No scenes were shot in Buckingham Palace.

Nice story and direction. I love Huda 7sain’s acting here, very powerful. #lolwut

Oh and she can sing!

Ahm that’s pretty much it. I don’t recommend either one.

One thing I’d like to mention, WHY THE FUCK DO I SEE THE SAME ACTORS IN EVERY SHOW? YAHHH! BASS! LO T3ARFOON TMATHLOON CHAN OK BAS MAT3ARFOON! NAFS EL SHEY 3LAA KEL EL SHASHAAAT! FUCK OFF! (cc: Boshehri Brothers, Elham El Fe’9ala, Basem 3abdel Ameer’s kids) La 7aram Elham t3arf tmathel. Kinda.

I wouldn’t watch this crap if the internet here in Kuwait didn’t suck balls. Sadly it does.

The adverts this year fail.

A kid sitting in front of the camera laughing and a guy on a private jet – da3ayat bank. SHAKO? SHAAAAKOOO????

Women wearing Halloween masks in a 3ers – da3ayat 9aloon.  LESH EL RO3B?

Wa7da labsa 3abaya maska iPad – da3ayat 3abaya 7ag el mar2a el 3a9riya. FFFFUUUUUU


What are you guys watching?

2 Responses

  1. Oh how I’ve missed your reviews XD

  2. r u still hibernating? ramadan is over, why arent u posting anymore?

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