Kuwaiti Sayings: the one with the blankie

مد ريولك على قد لحافك

“Stretch your legs just enough to have them covered by a blanket”

LOL. This looks funny in English, so when is it used? Well let’s say I walk into the living room and announce to my dad that I want a Bugatti Veyron for my 18th birthday, he’ll tell me the above saying. So basically it’s used when someone wants something out of their reach, be it too expensive or hard to get etc.

Got it? Now go wild and say this to every Kuwaiti you meet!


2 Responses

  1. Every Kuwaiti I meet? Hell, I’m going to say this to EVERYONE I meet 😀 I’m meeting with MoHE cow’s Europe relatives tomorrow, so I’ll have a chance to use it I’m sure :-p

  2. English version: ‘Cut your coat according to your cloth’

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