Event: Spiritual Reflections
April 28, 2011

Today’s world is unstable. The major feeling surrounding us is that of depression,  fear,  skepticism and mistrust. We need to reflect and get back on track.

This exhibition uses art as a tool and a platform to promote the message of reconnecting back to the Supreme Being.

Ambereena Ali Razvi and Fahim Hamid Ali take this opportunity to showcase works that are very diverse in style, yet convey similar messages to the viewer; that of love, peace, hope & generosity through spirituality.

“We hope to engage the audience through our work to reflect and search within for answers and find peaceful solutions to the current problems/issues facing us today”


Art exhibition


13th – 14th of May


Dar al Cid, Jaberiyah

Show my art teacher some support will you? 😀