A post from home
August 17, 2011

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I’ve been in Kuwait for more than 2 weeks now, I’m heading back to the Midwest in a couple of days so I thought I’d share some random thoughts from home.

Nothing changed in Kuwait, same old same old. I did notice some new construction going on though. I like how Al Hamra is looking!

Ahm, mbarak 3lekom el shahar .. better late than never. Ramadan with me is non-existent to be honest, I sleep in the morning and wake up 3al athaan. I sleep at 1AM Kansas time, and wake up at 10AM Kansas time. I’m going to blame jet lag .. no need to go into this .. I know jet lag doesnt last 2 weeks.

It’s good to be back with family, I missed my sister, the beleiber. I really do believe in this Beiber fever, el mara’9 6ela3 y3adi! I kind off like the guy with all his posters and music blasting around the room. LOL. Wait wait don’t close the page, I’m kidding.

I miss blogging, but I guess I share most of my thoughts on Twitter now. I’m thinking of having a weekly post where I share my top tweets from that week. El blog ykesh thubaan mskeen. You see twitter is more efficient as now I’m more on the go than in front of a computer.

Uni is going good, the semesters are flying smoothly el7amdlela, hoping this continues.

Shno ba3ad?

Basi hathra.

E wait, I’m looking forward to the next semester .. I have 3 day weekends!

OK I think 5ala9t. Post you later!



مبارك عليكم الشهر
August 10, 2010

Wishing you all a peaceful Ramadan this year! 😀