Steve, what you up to?

I’ve been diwaniya-hopping these past couple of weeks, and in nearly every one the iPhone was discussed, mta eb yanzil? shno el muwa9afat? nafs el iPhone 4? el galaxy a7san! etc.

Now, just a note: iPhone sales have grown rapidly here in Kuwait! Mashalla el kel 3enda iPhone .. when I left Kuwait in January kelkom kentaw et6ag6goon bel Blackberry .. 6ela3 ma mna fayda haa? El mohim.

Let’s discuss some rumors about the highly anticipated iPhone:

Ygoolk, Apple will release two iPhones .. a complete upgrade to the current iPhone 4 and a similar, cheaper one with some minor upgrades to cater for the less financially capable market. China for example.

Ygoolk, the iPhone 5 will look something like the photo below. The prototype was designed according to covers that were mass produced in China (hal 9eeniyeen she’8olhom 7aar eb 7aar ynazloon covers gabul laa yanzel el jihaaz).

Now now, don’t get all hyped .. 3adi jedan it wont look like the photo above .. here’s a photo of the iPhone 4 prototype before the media got their hands on a real one left in some bar. It doesnt look like the one you see everywhere now yeah?

Ygoolk, Apple will be accepting pre-orders for the new device sometime at the end of September and they’ll be releasing it in at the beginning of October (dates vary).

Ygoolk, Steve will get on stage and introduce this new device, in addition to a new line of iPods before the release date .. so expect an event in the next couple of weeks.

All the above is based on rumors from trusted sites.

Now, let’s discuss this Samsung phone. The Galaxy S II

Ygoolk, it’s better than the iPhone 4.

It is.

The iPhone 4 was released in June 2010. The Galaxy S II was released in May 2011. Around a year later.

Shey akeed, the newer phone will have better hardware. As for software, in my opinion, I see that iOS is much more simpler to use than Android. Yes, Android is more customisable, but in todays’ world we want something that provides ease of use and great output. And as for applications, you’re comparing the 250,000 apps from the Android Market to the 500,000 apps from the Apple App Store? lol.

So …

That’s that .. some tech gossip you can talk about bel diwaween and you girls too, in your ghabgat!



5 Responses

  1. so which on are you gonna get in the fall ?! 😛

    • I’m getting anything Steve makes!

      • oh so i can reply here silly me posting a new post hey does anyone care ?! No MAQO MAQO 😛 Plz post something about ramadan shows and commercials critic with all ur skill full observation :O 😛

      • hahaha .. enshalla!

  2. Apple nice *High Five*

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