Who should be the next PM?

As you’ve all heard, the current Kuwaiti government has resigned, a wise move in my opinion, to avoid political unrest in the country; and within a week the Kuwaiti emir will announce the new Prime Minister. He in turn will hand pick the rest of the ministers.

The members of parliament have clearly showed that they don’t want to see Sheikh Nasser Al Mohammed as a PM once again, but of course that’s not in their hands. They’ve promised that all interpellations will resume if they don’t see significant changes in the upcomming new government.

I’m interested here, who do you think should be the next PM? Want Sheikh Nasser to return? Or a new face for a new government?

Share you’re thoughts! 🙂


2 Responses

  1. i would like to have sheikh nasser to stay as its the prince sobah wishes and most of the people

  2. Unfortunately he has stayed. Sheikh Sabbahs (allah y7ftha) wishes or not he is the first PM who has stifled our freedom; a journalist should not be jailed for giving his opinion (its plain wrong whether you agree with him or not), the police are supposed to protect people not kill a citizen and get away with it, and finally what gives the government the right to attack people on private property? If you disagree with them, suck it up people are entitled to their opinion.

    Kuwaitis who think all of this is right frustrate me.Sheikh Nasser is an embarrassment to kuwait and what has occurred under his government violates human rights. Frankly we deserve better.

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