Speaking my mind.

Howdy! 🙂

How’s life and stuff going on? Hope all is well!

Life at Kansas is okay I guess .. living it day in day out!

Wake up .. have your breakfast (I avoid cereal, their fibre is REAL fibre and if you do biology you know what fibre does to you .. hint: they dont have water hoses in the lavatories here .. ok I think I’ll stop being disgusting).

mine has pics of the power rangers :3

I then head to class, walking .. I love this part of the day! Headphones on .. walk in the freezing weather .. yes I’d rather walk around with my blanket wrapped around me .. but I fear my social status might fall in campus .. Kuwaitis here do loads of gossping. 😛

Study wise I’m doing fine .. just dont mention Calculus .. that subject must be provided as an option to replace a death sentence .. I’d pick the electric chair though!! “Mate we’re killing you .. how you wanna do it? Calculus for the rest of your life, hanging, an injection?”  “I WILL VOLUNTARILY ENTER AN ELEPHANTS BOWELS .. ANYTHING BUT CALCULUS!” <- poor guy.

Oh, and if you follow me on twitter; you’d have discovered I’m an amatuer cook now .. gimme a couple of years and I’ll have my own ramadan show .. oh and god bless frozen food .. and microwaves .. and th iPhones camera that turns the pictures into something that looks eidble. Yes, I say looks. Taste wise? *gazes at the garbage can* .. OH WELL.

Alright that’s enough laughing for the day .. enjoy Thursday and the WEEKEND!! *Oprah Winfrey shout*



4 Responses

  1. hehe fun post 😉
    best of luck:)

    • 🙂

  2. LOOOL the first few lines made me laugh!! Don’t you know ‘fibre keeps you regular?’ LOL
    I’m not sure if I do follow you on Twitter but just yesterday, I spoke to a guy on twitter and his bio said he was in kansas – is it you? do you have a cold and did you ask me to go to walmart to get you some orange juice LOL

    • LOL! The guy your talking about is sitting in front of me in the library. :p

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