Review: Exit Through the Gift Shop

I just hate when I don’t understand weather a movie is a hoax, but in this case it did not matter. It is purely genius, straight forward and sarcastic just on the right places. Like a 90 minute Banksy graffiti. One of the few movies you expect a lot from and that is exactly what you get. Shows the logical point of view about modern art and at the same time it is presented by a great artist.

There is everything you expect from a movie: storyline, excitement, action and most importantly if you care about art in a genuine way you somehow relate to it. The things that make modern movies annoying are missing and it is pure pleasure from the beginning to the end. The whole story is very shocking and weather reality or just a Banksy it is a pure masterpiece.

To talk about the movie is very hard though, it is like Angelina Jolie says “talking about love is like dancing on architecture”, well talking about Exit Through the Gift Shop is like, well just pointless.  So watch it!


3 Responses

  1. haha loved it so crazy!

  2. Haha again you managed to write a review
    Without telling me what the film was about! Good job!!! Ask your English teacher if you can do movie reviews instead of sex tapes (or what ever random stuff it was!) :p

    • LOL! I can not tell you what the film is about .. I’d spoil it for you then ..

      .. and we analyze tampon ads in english .. sex tapes is just over rated 😛

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