Greetings from DC!

Hello! 😀

How are y’all doing? I’m freezing my ass off in boring DC for a couple of days.

Arrived yesterday morning, surprisingly the 14 hour flight passed stress free .. I slept for 9 hours (according to dad but i think he’s exaggerating .. or not)

Went straight to the Kuwaiti cultural office .. spent 8 hours there mostly waiting .. but got to meet my advisor and got a pep talk from the head of the cultural office Dr. Hamad Al Adwani. Great guy! 🙂

The gps system acted up on me, said I was in Chicago, whilst I was pretty sure I was in DC! So paid Radio Shack a visit and the sales man told me it needed juice, popped up a box of KDD cocktail but it didn’t work (just kidding i charged it and i was back in DC lol)

Also went to the White House (image above courtesy of my brilliant photography skills) .. after taking a couple of pics I was stopped by police and got a back ground check .. I took pictures using my iPhone 4 not an air pistol but oh well .. an experience to talk about I guess 😛

And now I’m snuggled in bed, still freezing, sipping a cup of free coffee from the hotel lobby. No plans tomorrow, what to do? No idea. 😀


6 Responses

  1. DC was made for walking, stop using your car! everyday,
    rain or shine, the JFK center has a complimentary art show at 6pm –
    get the shuttle from the foggy bottom station. my favorite walking
    path would usually start from georgetowns river up to dupont circle
    (check out national geographic – they usually have cool stuff),
    then walk over to Adams Morgan where they have a nice blend of
    intl. restaurants – you’re gonna need the break and energy bite for
    all the walking 😉 DC is diverse, clean, and re-inventive. Its
    beautiful! you just gotta explore it. dont hate, appreciate! *very
    defensive about DC*

    • LOL! I didn’t hate DC 😛 oh and I don’t have a car .. the gps is for a road trip later on .. thanks for the recommendations though! 😉

  2. Go to the watergate complex, or some of the museums. I love how u’ve got cold weather!!!

    • Haha sure you do 😛 thanks I’ll check it out!

  3. Enjoy ! nice pics 🙂

    • thanks! 🙂

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