Chronicles: The Lazy Cows!

So let me breifly recap .. i was asked to send application IDs to the MOHE, I did, they never bothered to forward them to the cultural office so I go there one more time and ask them to send it .. they agree .. did the cultural office receive them? Read On!

So after my short encounter with the MOHE employee she agreed to send them the numbers again .. i called her 2 days later to check if she sent the numbers  .. ee dazaithom! Got a reply from there? La Taw El Nas. So she sent them but got no reply. Cool.

Come 6 PM Kuwait time I call Ms. Reggie Cruz in the cultural office to see if she got the numbers. SURPRISE! She didnt. 😐

I email Ms. Cruz and see what she can do .. she knew we were tight on time so suggested she send the universities my certificates etc. without a number .. they can recognise me from my name etc.

So I forwaded all the emails I got from the unievrsities and waited. From here on I stopped bothering with the MOHE .. they dont want to do shit! In real life this happened around Eid Al Adha and Thankgiving time.

Stay tuned to see what happened next! 🙂


One Response

  1. 1) cool cow. I think u need to find him or her and move him or her to the farm.
    2) SURPRISE surprised me.
    3) u should tell Ms Cruz to check out ur posts 🙂
    4) keep up the work updating!!

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