chronicles: please send them!

Hey there! 🙂 How are y’all doing?

So let’s recap the past  chapters and go on with chapter 4 .. I get a scholarship, apply via the MOHE, wait for 3 weeks, asked to apply online and send them the application IDs .. what happens next? Read on!!

Do I get accepted? Hah NO! After sending my application IDs to the MOHE I decided to call the cultural office in the US, after being transferred from secretary to advisor to manager (bear in mind its the US im calling and not MacDonald’s to order dinner) I finally reached my woman! My saviour!! Ms. Reggie Delacruz .. if you’re reading this GOD BLESS YOU! 😀 (READERS! You’ll know why later on) .. I explain my problem .. and ask her if the Ministry sent you my application IDs .. yeah you got that right NO THEY DIDNT!

It’s a fucking 10 digit number!! You just need to EMAIL IT!!! 😮

So i head over to the MOHE next morning, I interrupted their breakfasts this time .. so amidst the munches and sips I reached the employee I dealt with .. hi, I called the US and they’ve not received anything. I’ve given you the ID numbers a week ago, emails arrive instantly, you can now explain yourself.


YES! That’s the answer I got! I sent them! And the woman I talked to in the USA has a compulsive lying disorder?! I explained once again that the cultural office havent received the ID numbers. Her reply? Y3ni shno 5ashathom 3indiii?! With attitude!! She fucking accused me of lying and said I thought she’s hiding them! No lady! You;re not hiding them you’re just not bothered to tap 10 damned digits on your god damned key board! It must be dysfunctional due to all the crumbs and tea spills it endured throughout your breakfast escapades you and your friends (the cows) had!

I ask her to send them again, and she finally agrees! I also insisted I get the woman’s number because no way in HELL! I’m coming here once more for anything but an acceptance letter! She gave it to me.

Does she send it? Hah! Let’s wait and see. 😉


5 Responses

  1. I’ve been following your progress for a bit xD I remember you posted about your MOHE trips a couple of times and I would laugh at the similarity between your experience and my own! ^_^

    You’re just ahead of me in the application process…

    I just heard on Sunday that the universities I’ve applied to contacted MOHE to ask them whether or not I’ve got SAT scores and that I need to apply online.

    So I basically just finished applying online to one of the universities, starting my next online application soon.

    I’m not too sure what the application IDs are or whether I’m going to have the same problem or not, only time will tell! ^_^

    Hope things work out for you!

    PS: I hope you don’t mind me using you like this xD Bes you’ve been giving me a fair heads up as to what might pop up, and for that, I thank you! ^_^

    • Actually this happened a month ago, in real life I’m in chapter 7 or something :p

      Glad you’re learning from the process, that’s the sole reason of this .. for the future students! (and of course my ranting fix :p)

      • You have another fan not just me 😀 now write the rest so the chronicles are up to date!!

  2. And I thought finalising my electricity bill was bad……although I think we had the same “lady” having breakfast at her computer….

    • the breakfast all day is a ritual at Kuwaiti ministries 😛

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