Chronicles: 3 weeks later!

I promised you’d get loads of chronicles chapters this week, you’re now reading chapter 3!

Let’s recap, I got a scholarship from the MOHE in the US, I applied and was asked to wait for 3 weeks .. you think I would have got an answer by now? READ ON!

So 2 and a half weeks passed, dad wanted to visit them and check if my acceptance letter arrived yet .. I confidently announced that even when I visit next week I KNOW that they won’t have the letter .. 100% sure! SO we waited .. come three weeks on a Monday morning I visited the MOHE.

I checked if my name was on any of the lists stuck on the ground floor .. nope .. then headed to the huge hall but it was closed .. so I took the stairs to the first floor and went to meet with the women in person *excitement* (not really). Passing empty cubicles and smelling the waft of morning coffee I knew I was about to interrupt their coffee breaks .. but being the brave “women-dont-scare-me” lad that I am I went ahead.

Stood in front one of the ladies desks .. she had loads of visas and stuff in front of her .. I hyperventilated and was kinda relieved .. yes I thought they were mine. She asked for my name .. I’m Yousef .. she asked if im in an english school? I said ya .. she went baaaih intaw taw el naaas! WHAT? She actually told me to take a chill pill and wait cause well it’s not our time yet! I waited for 3 weeks! Ok lady when do I visit you? I have visas to apply to, travel arrangements! accommodation!! Wait for a week we’ll call you back. Eee hayyin. Yeah RIGHT! I left calamitous but saddened. (don’t ask where the burst of english literature came from).

Thursday of the same week I got a phone call from the MOHE, they told me Purdue university needed SATs and wouldn’t accept me and that the other 3 unis were interested. Now I need to apply online through their websites, print the application IDs, and bring them over to the MOHE so they’ll do the rest. I also had to send my IELTS results from the british council. I remember I was watching ‘the event’ back then. I stopped the episode, and filled in 3 applications, printed them out and took them to the MOHE on the SAME day! Went to the British council in the evening and sent 3 copies of the IELTS. The MOHE told me to wait .. so I did.

Do you think I’ll get my acceptance letter from the MOHE in the next chapter?! What will happen in the MOHE?! Stay tuned!! 😉


4 Responses

  1. Hmm what to say on this (seeing we already spoke about it.. 😀 )
    You should (once all happy in america) send the MOHE a copy of your blog chronicles so they can learn from there slowness.
    And screw the stupid school that didn’t want you…they are obviously not good enough for an awesome q8i right?

    I hope you’ve got lots of chill pills… i think you’re going to need them hehe .

    • When I send the chronciles to the publisher (my desktop with the printer) I’ll surely send them a copy of the chronicles. Heck I’ll send one for all my fans, signed and all 😛

      You’re my only fan btw. 😛 hhehe

      • Haha I’m ur only fan?! Cool!! & make sure your publisher gives you a nice $$ advance.

      • You’re the only fan that speaks up. The others are shy! 😛 🙂

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