Kuwaitis and Holidays

Kuwaitis as a whole, LOVE holidays, they love sitting down doing nothing, they enjoy travelling and do everything to be able to travel in the summer .. including sadly taking loans from banks. So when a holiday is announced, the people go wild with bookings and trip arrangements etc.

This upcoming Eid holiday is 9 days long! Now in any normal country we know that Eid Al Adha is only 4 days long. One day for Arafa and 3 days for Eid. How did we get 9? (or even 10 for some people)

(1) Well Kuwaitis ALWAYS skip work a day before the holidays. Schools included! It depends on the size of the holiday. If for eg. its 2 weeks they skip 2 days before the holidays and so on.

(2) They come up with epic decisions to try to make the holiday longer. For e.g. This Sunday will be a holiday because it’s between two holidays. Yes the weekend is considered a holiday here! Even if it wasnt announced as a holiday, the Kuwaitis would already be abroad so no one will actually bother and work/study on this day!

Then they have this other “thing” .. if a holiday is on a Tuesday, it gets moved to a Sunday. So for eg. the prophets birthday is on a Wednesday, we would have had the holiday last Sunday .. WHY? DUH!!! 3 day weekend .. WE CAN TRAVEL!! 😮 You don’t see the Americans celebrating Christmas on the 21st of december because it’s a Monday or whatever do you?

Anyways, if you’re travelling enjoy it! If you’re going to Hajj, best of luck! If you’re staying in Kuwait for eid .. have fun! Enjoy youre 10 day holiday Kuwaitis!! 😀


3 Responses

  1. Haha very funny. But really, you shouldn’t complain about having a long holiday!! When does Eid start/end?

    Ps Christmas in Russia is mid-january…always found that crazy. Just think, you could have Christmas in USA then in Russia a few weeks later, wouldn’t that be cool?

    • Eid is on Tuesday and Arafa is on Monday.

      I only ranted about this holidays because I ALREADY AM in a holiday .. the summer holiday 😛 Lucky lad no? 😛

  2. This was my first break for a long time… Stayed home and had a great time.

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