Hot Stuff: Open Flick!

I was contacted by the people behind Open Flick last night ..

 what are they? They rent huge outdoor screens for your private use!! They have inflatable screens that can pop up into any space you’ve got .. and BAM! You have a huge outdoor screen at your place!

You’re asking yourselves why will I want to rent this? Well the weather is just GREAT in the evenings these days! Why not invite the guys over for the Classico with Barca and Real Madrid on the 28th? You’re not into footy? What about a bday party for your kids? You can play one of Disney or Pixar animations and guarantee a memorable party!! Oh are you a gamer?! Yes I know Call of Duty Black Ops released a couple of days ago! You wanna play it outdoors on a huge screen?! NOW YOU CAN!! 😉

They’re available for almost anything!

• Outdoor movies
• Corporate Functions
• Mobile Billboard Advertising
• Weddings
• Festivals
• Sport events and live sites
• School events
• Presentations
• Video Gaming
• Birthday Parties
• Beach events
• Slide show Pictures
• Karaoke
• Other types of events

3 easy steps to book a screen:

1- Choose the screen size (we can assist )
2- Contact them and check date availability
3- Receive quote and confirm your booking.

For More Information & Bookings
Contact  Them :

(+965) 909 – 35425
(+965) 909 – FLICK

I wish them all the luck! 🙂


2 Responses

  1. That’s real cool.

    • Certainly! 🙂

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