Chronicles: I applied!

This is supposed to be chapter 2 of the chronicles .. but it’s kind late .. one month late! 😛 Any ways better late than never and I still want future students to benefit (and I want to vent) so expect a couple of chapters this week!

Now let’s recap chapter 1 .. i got a scholarship in the USA, I visited the MOHE, they gave me an envelope and told me to choose 5 universities!

So after loads of reading, contacting people, visiting university websites and watching videos on YouTube I chose 4 universities in 4 different states:

My first choice was the University of North Carolina (UNC) at Charlotte.

My second was Purdue University in Indiana.

The third was Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas.

And the last was the University of Southern Illinois in Carbondale.

I filled in the paper application, and headed to the MOHE. Now it IS as I said over a month ago or even two ago so I can’t recall any funny incidents. Oh wait I do! There was this boy who came in with a wasta. After waiting for over 30 mins in the same hall on the ground floor a guy comes in with a worker from the MOHE and they sit down. When the next number was called (this time by the indian tea boy – i don’t know why they’re not using the LED displays they have! God!!) the wasta couple stood up and walked to the counter .. with no other than Q80BOY behind them .. I thought if they’re walking in like they own the god damn building so am I. They didnt lol. The employee sent them back and told them to Wait Your Turn (rihanna song) .. hallelujah! A Wasta free Kuwait!! 😀 lol

Anyways I don’t remember any other incident that happened .. they told me to contact them in 3 weeks … what happened after the 3 weeks? Wait for the next chapter!! ;D

Hope you enjoyed this chapter .. anybody studies (or studied) in the universities I mentioned above? Anybody been to the cities I mentioned? Share your thoughts down there! 🙂


3 Responses

  1. Haha you cant leave a cliff hanger like that!!! What happens next!!!! Question. If you could pick 5 why only pick 4? Oh and love the Wasta free zone sign !!

    • The sign was found in GUST uni .. and about the 5 unis and why i chose 4 .. I only applied to the ones i liked!

      Stay tuned for chapter 3 😉

      • I will…make it soon or else I’ll bug u none stop about it!!

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