Great turn out but …

But qadsiya lost the match. They tied with Al Ittihad 1:1 and had to endure a thrilling penalty kick session in which they lost unfortunately.

Jaber stadium was FULL!!! 59,000 people attended! It was a great experience and sad that all those and had to leave defeated.

I’ll leave you with pictures from the stadium.


4 Responses

  1. ma kafa ella 60,000? Mo china shwaya?

    Ashwa ma 6a7 bel awadm! 3ad ygoloon ayel lel sqoo6!!!

    Glad you had fun o hardluck!

    • That’s the maximum capacity .. 64000 I think. And it was too crowded! Took us one hour to enter and another hour to leave the stadium.

      Part of me wanted it to fall down .. adrenaline junkie a7m :p but nothing happened .. it’s safe.

  2. Looks cool. What was all the fuss about the stadium? Looks ok to me.

    • I dunno I guess they were just rumors.

      The stadium was full and stayed as it is didnt collapse or anything! 😛

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