what’s going on?

Hey guys! 🙂 How are you all?

I’ve been quite busy this past week, which explains my inactivity on the blog .. so sorry for that.

My mum is in the hospital, she’s better now and hopefully will be discharged tomorrow or at the end of the week. So I hang out in Mubarrak hospital nowadays 😛 I chatted with docs and nurses .. and witnessed the death of a patient .. I’ll write up a post about all that when I’m free.

Ahm I’m still waiting for a reply from the MOHE .. I know that one uni disliked me (i want keen on them either so HAH! :P) I’m waiting for a reply from 3 unis .. hopefully during this next week .. I’ll update the chronicles for future reference when I have the time .. too bad I only remember the incidents vaguely now as the last time I visited was over a month ago .. but dont worry they were memorable enough 😛

I went to my sisters parent-teacher meeting .. nice experience ahem I was the parent (A) I tried to remember what my mum used to say and said the exact same stuff .. of course most of the teachers just chatted with me and didn’t talk about sis .. not that I was bothered or anything .. one of them forgot my name though .. she kept calling me Mohammed! Well she hadn’t taught me for a year so no worries 😛

So yeah .. I think that’s it .. I have loads of travel posts I wanted to share with you guys .. but no time .. hopefully soon!

Comment and tell me how you’ve all been! 😀

I’ll keep you posted .. and if you miss me so much 😛 I’m always there on twitter! 😀 @Q8OBOY


2 Responses

  1. So I feel sorry for the Docs and nurses having you everyday… But glad your mom is out now. She okay? Ohh seeing someone die? That must have been scary. I look forward to that post. Mohe are so slow. And screw the one who said no to you!! And haha, I bet you loved going to the parents Meeting – revenge on your sister!!!

  2. Did my comment not post or did you just not like it??

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