A couple of reviews

Thought I’d write short reviews of a couple of movies I’ve watched this past week.

The Social Network was a disappointment. Bad choice of actors, boring and weak plot. I guess its hard making a legal deposition into a full length movie script. Not recommended and it’s even banned here in Kuwait.

Eat Pray Love was an okay movie. Too long for my liking and would prefered it as a book. Here’s a summary of the movie:

 Whine-Whine-Divorce-Whine-Cry-Travel-Whine-Eat-Whine-Feminist Crap-Whine-Elevate Importance-Whine-Whine-Travel-Whine-Attempt Meditation-Whine-Get Better at Meditation with help of Hippie-Whine-Elevate Importance to Unknown Levels-Whine-Whine-Travel-Whine-Whine-“Fall in Love” I think that is pretty much it.

Devil was a good movie. Entertaining and thrilling, good acting and a nice plot, didn’t like its ending though. It’s about a bunch of strangers stuck in a lift that’s possessed by the devil. Theyre all killed but one, because I think he was sorry or something. For your information we all went on the lift after the movie, yes apparently we all wanted to die!

Yeah so none of them are cinema ticket worthy, maybe just Devil. The rest is “a boring night home” material. 🙂


2 Responses

  1. Loved the eat pray love review!! I didnt hear of devil but sounds cool. Heard the end of social network is rubish.
    Eat pray love & the feminist crap Sounds like my sociology teacher!!

    • hahaha 😀

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