The supply lifeline of the trapped chile miners!

[Click on the image for a better look]

You must have heard of the chile miners who have been trapped underground since the 5th of august .. the picture above shows the kind of stuff that has been supplied to them through this hole 12 cm wide they made!

To be honest I wouldnt endure a month under ground let alone nearly 2 months there!! I dont know why theyre still trapped .. I guess if they try to dig them out it will collapse and kill them all :/

Image Source: BBC news


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    • Looks like youre famous again :0)

      • lol did i get mentioned on SKY news or something? 😛

      • I think you may have…did you see the posts quoting you in the comment section on the cinescape Post?! Your becoming a big thing in the blogging world!
        Remember we were friends before u were famous!!

  2. That’s a cool picture, I hadn’t seen that before.…thanks for posting it “Q80boy” (hehe)
    You know what? I want to know what the dice are for!
    And to answer your question, it’s taking the time because they are having to drill that far down, but the problem is the drill hadn’t been built. So they had to build it, then it broke, then they made another, now they’re drilling and it should be the 2nd part of the month when they reach them.

    • the dice? duuh theyre playing snakes and ladders down there!! 😛

      • Of cause! How stupid of me! 😀

        (but they didn’t send a snakes and ladders board down…)

      • one of the workers had it on him whilst working .. it was a daily ritual during breaks .. they play snakes and ladders and the loser gets them all coffee .. they still do that but the loser now digs the holes for the toilets .. sad thing going on down there!

        and as im being quoted by news agencies .. all of the above is from my shear imagination, dont fucking quote me! Thanks 🙂

  3. Haha it would be awesome if they did quote you on that! Lol just imagine turning on Sky news and seeing “breaking news: traped miners break world record for snakes and ladders playing none stop.”

    • naaah the blog isnt THAT famous 😛 we’ll see maybe in a couple of years time haha

  4. it truly is good news how the trapped miners in Chile have at this moment got access the surface in at least a couple of months. It at the present just sounds like a bit more time , a week, so to commentors are saying, before they are going to be liberated.

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