Review: Dinner for Schmucks

Dinner for Schmucks is one of the funniest movies I have seen in a long time. I love comedies, but very few make me laugh out loud – but this movie had me bursting out every couple of minutes. I was not alone in that, the cinema I saw it in was packed and everyone was in hysterics. The fat lady sitting next to me spilled her nachoes!! 😛

 Some reviews I read actually complained that it is “low brow” or “stupid” .. seriously?! Where you expecting a deep and insightful movie? Had you seen the previews? Is it realistic? Of course not (not many movies are .. it is called suspension of disbelief). The point of a comedy is to make you laugh! Going in with expectations of anything high brow is absurd. If you liked The Office or 40 Year Old Virgin, then you will love this movie .. it is in a similar vein, but much cleaner than 40 Year Old Virgin! 😛


Can’t understand any of the bad reviews .. if you like Steve Carell, Paul Rudd and Jay Roach movies .. then this is for you .. one of the funniest projects any of them has been involved in.


6 Responses

  1. Your reviews are getting better… Yet I’m still not seeing the part where you ‘review’ the film lol! :-p
    In other news, a massive spider just ran across the floor and scared the hell out of me..and now I can’t find it. Ahhhhhh!

    • LOL!

      Here’s my short review for you: I’m going to watch it again tomorrow night with my friends .. it’s THAT good! 😀

      Oh and about the spider .. if it happened to me I’d move out .. I can’t bear a spider laying eggs in my brain!! ;p

      • It must be good!! Will check it out one day 🙂 and it took around 20 mins but the spider was found and killed. It was like the size of half my hand, no kidding.

      • You killed the spider?! 😥 may it rest in peace ;p

  2. Lol of cause I killed the spider!! What was I ment to do!! It was massive!! Had he been a little spider, he could have gone outside but this one was so big!! 🙂
    And you’re the one who said you’d move if you found a spider lol.

  3. And yes. Rip mr spider. I hope he didn’t have a family he was on his way back to (that means there’d be more !!)

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