Chronicles of the MOHE

Last week, the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) announced that I’ve been given a scholarship to study Civil Engineering in the USA .. I’ll be paying them a visit in the morning .. after this visit we’ll see many more .. and I’m pretty sure I’ll be having some rants .. thus the Chronicles of the MOHE was born 😛

I’ll be documenting each visit to the ministry .. AND I’ll also post about the process of the whole thing so that students in the future can make use of these posts ..

.. looking forward to tomorrows meeting 😛 I’ll get to know where I’m going and whats gonna happen 😀

Wish me luck and enjoy!! 😉


7 Responses

  1. Hhe thats amazing ; good luck ; and thanks a Lot because I’m a student of the future 😀

    • thanks winshala tistifeed min il posts 🙂

  2. i’m so taking credit for this idea ^_^.
    good luck for the morning!

    • hahaha you wanted some rants .. im giving you some rants .. you should start one for your school 😛 hehe

      • Haha yes and I could update it in class, that’d give me something to do instead of being bored lol. I will update mine over the weekend. Ps guess what I saw today? A caterpillar!!! I though of you and J*A*K*E hehe.

  3. Looool!! good luck! hope everything goes well ;p


    • thanks!! 😀

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