WTF: Name for sale!

Yes you read that right!! Someone is selling a royal name that’s easy to pronounce and only suitable for princesses .. what has the world come to!! 😛 Oh and this is my first post from the iPhone (just for the records)


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  1. its a mad world … didn’t know that you can copyright your personal name!

    • I don’t think u can :p

    • That’s just weird if you can… And cool , good job on the new iPhone posts!! I was tempted to update my blog during sociology today I was that bored!!

      • Haha be a good student and concentrate!! :p

      • Haha never ;p i bet you’re not a good student either!! You wanna know what we did today? We drew a picture of a house in groups of 5. Yepp.
        And you know what? I had to stop myself yelling at the teacher for being VERY anti-middle east… (She doesn’t know I grew up in k8..)
        What happened with mohe?

      • And dude you know I mean q8 not k8… You can tell it’s a long day!!!

      • Haha that’s hilarious! And I’ve been accepted to do Civil Eng. in the USA .. loads of MOHE fun coming up! :p

  2. Loooool that’s awesome ; I’d buy :p.

    This is my first comment from the iPhone hehe ; just for the record :p

    • You’d buy a name? For 5000KD?? 😛

      • LOL of course not i’m just kidding! but i’m just saying that our world is not free from stupid people , and i’m SURE there’s someone out there who’d buy!

      • haha i know i know 😛

  3. Congratulations! Mohe fun sounds awesome lol. Look forward to reading about it! Right now I’m trying to describe myself in 3 or 4 words.. You know how hard that is?

    • haha ill flood the blog with posts 😛 Describing yourself? lol good luck describing ur self!!

      • Would you guess how hard it is to come up with 3 words?!? Have a go. I’ve given up for the night lol.

      • 3 words about you?

        – Funny
        – Footy fan
        – Supportive


      • I added my story about the nose job on my blog.

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