Nose job!

Have you ever considered getting your nose done? I’m pretty sure that after you see these pictures of a nose job operation .. you’ll not consider anymore 😛

But be warned .. if youre not into blood and gruesome stuff don’t scroll down 😛 hehe

Haah? Girls!! Do you still want a nose job?! 😛


18 Responses

  1. thats nastyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    :S why wud u put those pics i cudnt loook! LOOOOOOOOOOL

    • lool so you’d forget about nose jobs 😛

  2. that is beyond awesome!! hehehee crazy people doing all kinds of weird stuff to look pretty ;P

    • lol exactly!! 😛

      thanks for passing by 🙂

  3. aaayyyyy ba6ni :/

    Never did n never will *ouch*

    • hahahaha good good 😛

  4. ouchhhh!!!!

    • indeed!!! 😛

  5. a5r 9ora is funny (A) *hides her face*

    getting ur nose picked… k5

    • Lmfaooo!! :p

  6. Ewwww. I have a good story about a nose job…will write it later. And I think ur like it lol.

    • Oh god don’t tell me u had one :p looking forward!!

      • Hell no(se) !!!

      • hahaha 😛

  7. Lmfao!! I am so getting one of these 😛 I’ll be Mr. Universe 2010 😛 XD


    • Weirdo!! 😛

  8. حسبي الله على ابليسك يااااااااو

    ياحلو خشم العنز بدون عمليات 🙂

    • ههههه 🙂

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