Wonderful Life!

I’m in love with Zain’s new ad .. i finally found it on YouTube .. enjoy! 🙂


15 Responses

  1. I hate that ad!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. That is one messed up yet great ad!! Love how they have 5 computers XD Wont be a fun Counter Strike match but still lovely!! 🙂


    • They play live counter strike where they live 😦

      • aww 😦 where’s that country anyways? poor guyz & galz.. imma send one of each msg 🙂 hopefully it really does go to them.. n not like our crappy lying school >.<


  3. I’m in LOVE with this Ad..I ask everybody to shutup whenever it comes on…=P

    here’s the link to the original song,btw the ad’s version is waaaay better n_n

    • haha same here! 😀

  4. Same song as Emirates when you land… It makes me feel like I’m arriving at a business trip. Hate it!

    • haha really? i havent noticed that 😛

  5. the song is about palestine. text a message to help them.

    it still pisses me off!

    • Lol ur more into gaga I presume 😛

  6. I loved this ad e3nad 3ala summer lool

    • Hahahaha madree laish she hates it 😛

  7. I luv this add the music and filiming and idea is sooooooooo powerful! I think this is the best Zain ad this year 🙂

    • it is .. a very touching ad!!

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