Review: The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus

Terry Gilliam takes us on another fun ride, this time into the imaginations of both colorful and dark characters. Dr. Parnassus (Plummer) leads a traveling theatre troupe and has also made a deal with the devil (Tom Waits). Heath Ledger passed away during production, but filming continued with some clever rewrites, having Depp, Farrell and Law sharing the remainder of Ledger’s unfinished scenes. The costume design is spectacular, as expected from a Gilliam film. Special effects are great, but not excellent. Gilliam seems to be becoming a bit self-indulgent in his later years – a stretched out story, with a short climax and the film, honestly, is a bit too ambiguous and deep for what it is.

Now on to some rants! This film is rated PG-13 and yet we still had groups of 10 year olds screaming and running in and out the theatre. The poor indian worker actually had to come up and tell them to sit down!! As I mentioned above the film did get boring from time to time .. so our Kuwaiti friends start BBMing their pals .. yes with the annoying alert!! I miss the cinemas in London already!!


5 Responses

  1. I failed to point out & see the “review” part.. was the movie good? fun?


    • the first paragraph was the “review” im no film critic u know 😛

      • Yeah we can tell :oP

  2. Lol leave him alone he does review it (kinda :p) I hate it when the movie theater is like that! It’s like, if you don’t want to watch the film, what’s the point of paying to come In!!

    • haha u team up against me huh? 😛

      well tbh theres nothing else to do .. cinemas have good food and are suitable for 1 hr naps 😛

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