Pose at the White Expo

Hey Guys 🙂

You probably heard of the White Expo that’s gonna be held at 360 mall on the 17th, 18th and 19th of August .. well guess who’s participating? Yes Pose!! 😀 They specialise in hand-made, one of a kind furniture and art pieces inspired by the vintage treasures of the world!

Here’s a bit about them:

Pose a new and innovative vision of design, offering unique one of a kind pieces capturing the essense of modern and classic art. Our services include custom made, one of a kind furniture and art pieces with a personalized touch. We also offer one-to-one design consultation to suit your lifestyle.

 As i said, they’ll be at the White Expo in 360 mall  from the 18th until the 20th of August .. pay them a visit at booth 29! 😉

That’s their email and facebook group .. contact them for more info. 

 “Let your furniture define your posture.”


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  1. Aha.. moving on, june15.wordpress? the hell can I post or blog? >.<


    • No you can’t

      • well make it happen >.< do the user thingy and what not..


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