Camp Nou Experience

A visit to Barcelona is not complete without a visit to the infamous Camp Nou .. FC Barcelona’s stadium!

Now overall the stadium was adequate .. nothing like Old Trafford or Stamford Bridge .. it’s exterior was one of an old ware house or something .. nothing spectacular.

No tour guide was available to take us around the stadium .. we had to do it ourselves .. something i didnt have to do in Stamford Bridge, Old Trafford and even Wembiledon .. but now when I think about it .. most of the visitors were tourists .. and it would have been hard choosing the languages especially that in Spain english is so poor .. so yeah i guess they have their reasons.

Now the pitch was something else! Wondeful! Bigger than Old Trafford I’d have to say but I’m not sure .. the changing rooms were ok .. nothing kewl .. their museum was’nt that good either to be honest.

And you’ll have to comeplete ur tour with a visit to the FC Botiga Mega Store!

All in all .. we had fun yeah .. and you ARE in Barcelona .. so why not visit? Even my dad (Real Madrid fan) came with us (well he was booing and had a thumbs down picture with the logo etc. etc. 😛 hehe)


12 Responses

  1. wow nice stadium 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed your visit & welcome back 🙂 & my advice keep the ticket

    • yep it’s kept .. nice and safe .. thanks 🙂

      • Yep I agree… It’s cool to keep tickets and the likes from trips! I have all mine from vacations in scrapbooks.

        Ps I’m thinking of starting a blog of my own.. What you think?

      • Yeah I keep tickets, maps, brochures .. the lot! And if u start ur own blog I’ll be ur no. 1 reader .. go for it! 😉

      • Haha you better be!! And I just have to work out what to write about… Keep you posted 🙂

  2. So I’m messing around on google. I find this : And start lol’ing. My bro looks at me like I’m mad. See anything funny on it? 😀

    • lol what? take a screen shot and show me .. effects of fasting 😛

      • Lol oh!
        Will post screen shot tomorrow: on iPhone ATM. But try this (baby-idiot friendly steps okay) : go to google. Type in social pulse Kuwait airways. Click first link. (which is the one above, and isn’t working for me for some stupid reason). Then go to the bottom of the page. listed as Q8 airways’ blog: none other than q80boys blog! The idiots think your some official q8 airways blogger or something.
        Lol hope u see it, will post screenshot in morning: eat lots now!!

      • Lmao the link u gave me didn’t have that .. god u gotta love em for that hahaha .. gd night mate!!

      • Hehe maybe lack of food got to me too!!

  3. llmfaoo I found it XD 😛 Boy u gainin lotsa momentum & fame 😛 just remember.. im ur friend 😛


    • Fuck off :p hehe

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