Speakers Corner

My favorite place in London .. Speakers Corner!

I just enjoy the stroll from Queens Way to Hyde Park corner every sunday .. look at the paintings .. admire talents .. then reach Speakers Corner .. a battle field!

Over the past years that I’ve visited I took part in some small debates with people there .. but nothing big as standing on a step and talking to people .. it’s fun! People there talk about Jesus, Islam, the big bang theory, football, politics .. and the new addition this year: the Kuwaiti Government! Yeah a bunch of so called bedoons criticize a number of Kuwaiti people in London .. these people have British passports and have left Kuwait 11 years ago .. shameful.

Arabs dont belong in Speakers corner .. honest to god! In all the years ive been there ive never seen fights .. but when those “bedoons” came along we heard profanity and fist fights .. not open minded enough for a debate i guess.

Don’t forget to visit next time you’re in London 😉


9 Responses

  1. Bedoons sound like their doing a great job in showing why Arabs need to stop going to London.
    I never knew this place was even there.. Will def. go take a look next time I’m in London.

    • Yeah it’s a hit there! I’ll be posting some vids soon 🙂

  2. Oh and did you take a hug from the guy?

    • Lol no he had a face full of acne .. Looked contagious but nevertheless people (and even Arabs) were hugging him :p

  3. lmfaooo XD we went there last year right? 😛 was fun XD

    • Did we? Lol I don’t remember :p

  4. I’ve heard of that place just never been to it..

    • oh u should visit .. free hugs for all 😉 😛 hehe

      • lmfaoo i woulda hugged the guy.. he’s the kinda guy that makes the world a better place to be in 😛 I bet if it was a woman.. you woulda.. 😉 😛 lol


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