Update: Barcelona, Humidity and the World Cup

Hiya guys!

I arrived in Barcelona a couple of days ago .. it´s friggin humid!!

The weather here is more like Dubai to be honest .. the only solution is to walk  in the shade .. hmph 😛

I watched the match in the hotel .. VIVA ESPANA 😀 I only support the best 😉

Congrats to all the Spanish supporters .. the whole population in Barcelona went crazy after the match .. even i did LOL! Great day ..

Barcelona is not what i imagined it .. i mean we can visit all the tourist attractions in a couple of hours .. theyve got nice beaches but theyre crowded like hell .. makes me wonder why our beaches are not like that?

Visited the Camp Nou .. great experience .. I´ll post pictures when I return 🙂

Miss you all .. how´s Kuwait??


13 Responses

  1. Gaz on foot on La Rambla…

    • yeah love the street shows there .. thanks! 🙂

  2. watsap with the humidity wave in europe! ….enjoy some palleas

    • global warming i guess 😛

  3. GO SPAIN!!! *is still thrilled & suffering from after match effects* 😛 I know that you’re enjoying Spain dude XD Hang out @ the beaches coz you ain’t getting any better beaches anywhere else!!! Can’t wait till you get back 😀


    • LOL!! thanks 🙂

  4. Glad you won! Holland were playing unfair. You should be glad it’s warm… Could be rain all the time and that’d be no fun!!
    Hate beaches when they get so full. Maybe Kuwaiti beaches are less crowded because there are more? And the weather is good all year? I’m glad they’re not though.

  5. ps just seen the blog on a laptop for the first time since you re-did it… looks awesome!

  6. you still in Barcelona ? ;p

    • I think he’s back to London by now XD 😛 Enjoy it love 😛 XD

      • love ba3ad? 😛 hehe

        happy bday!! 🙂

      • loool course love 😛 thnx you 😀

    • i returned a couple of days ago .. why u were there?

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