Update: London, Arabs and Apple!

Hey kids!

I arrived in London 2 days ago .. the weather is not as bad as Kuwait 😛 but it’s hot!! I’m in shorts and a t-shirt .. and it did’nt rain yet 😛

The flight on Emirates was hell .. i fly to Dubai then back over Kuwait on to London .. Kuwait get yourselves a proper airline or else!! And i mean it 😛

London is not infested by Arabsa yet .. there are arabs i wont lie .. but not like last summer .. taw il nas 😛

What i hate about the Arabs abroad is the flashy cars they fly up to London or wherever .. ok why? Taxi not good enough? Get your self a chaueffer driven car .. one guy had a silver Audi R8 with SH5IKHS on the car plate .. then you get upset when they call u paris hiltons .. jeez get lives will u? 😛

I watched the Spain match in the hotel Lobby which was full of German tourists .. LOL!! I’ll be in Barcelona for the finals so I’m looking forward to that!! 😀

I came to London with one thing in mind .. getting the iPhone4 .. so i head over their store in Regent street .. get to play with the phone (they have more than 6 phones .. Xcite learn please :P) .. ask about warranties and stuff .. then find out they never had the iPhones from the first place! I”m like what? and he’s like yeah since they were released they never reached London .. so i go okaaaay .. do u know WHEN ull get them? NO IDEA!! Apple .. way to go 😛 I guess the iPad will do considering I’ll be heading to uni next term .. but we’ll see 🙂

How are you all? How’s K-town? I miss y’all!!! 🙂


8 Responses

  1. iPhone is available by mail (online).
    Enjoy the Arab-free London.

    • i pre-booked mine at the Apple store in Brent Cross shopping centre .. they’ll contact me when it arrives 🙂

      I took a stroll down Edgeweroad .. it’s like Beirut >.< not Arab free really 😛

      • XD i use to live in Brent cross! Glad your enjoying your trip. And agree about the summer take over by Arabs of the city!! Hope Spain do win tomorrow (however i’ve given up picking winners lol)

  2. Hope your enjoying the vacation 😉

    Yup I’ve heard about the “no iphone in london”. My friend went through the exact same thing. I don’t get why it’s not available there? Seems like Apple is punishing the Brits ;p

    • I pre-booked mine .. apparantley they ran out as it’s limited .. if i get it great .. if i dont there’ll always be a next time 😛

  3. It’s no surprise London is hot. The weather will improve a little though =)

    • Yeah i guess .. i also noticed something .. only us Arabs sweat .. the brits and europeans dont change at all .. dry as our deserts 😛 no sweat glands?

  4. This comment is in here for no useful or logical purpose. I love Hyde Park & it’s lovely bushes that can really hide ppl away from civilization 😉 You should visit it soon with your friendz.. if they’re with you 😛


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