OK so here’s what happened, June 15th was supposed to be something special .. like a friend-o-versary .. each friend would chose an activity they enjoyed and ALL of us must join in to this activity .. nice idea i know!

Skating was on the agenda .. hmm i’m not a fan of wearing shoes that have have knifes under them .. then moving on ice .. i know that’s ic skating .. but i’m not a fan! 😛

So we have breakfast at the McDonalds branch in the rink .. we were there by like 10.00 AM

Entrance to the rink costs 1.5 KD .. it’s good for 1 and a half hours of so called “fun” 😛

I wear the shoes .. wobble to the rink .. get on the ice .. realize it’s slippery .. cling to the barriers. And i stayed near the barriers for the whole session. 😛

One of my friends was literally running on the ice .. yes it was funny .. especially when he fell!

Good thing is: I did not fall

Bad thing is: I’m never going there again! 😛


7 Responses

  1. lmaoo was funny tho 😛 and im thinkin “ofcourse he’ll go there” coz u wont know what would take u there 😛 XD lol


    • thanks for the warning never riding in a car with you from now on 😛

      • but but.. were going to paintball 😦 😛 lol


      • to go or not to go?

        THAT is the question! 😛

      • To GO!!! 😀 thnx for agreeing 😛 well have alotta fun XD


  2. I was here 😛

    • yeah u were .. that’s a pic of ur breakfast BTW 😛

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