WTF: knock and wait!

You’ve all seen this, you’re discussing something with a person in a ministry or a school and bam you here a knock then a person barges in and interrupts .. then leaves casually! Not even a sorry!

No one respects the fact that for e.g. the doctor may be breaking the news to his patient that a family member passed away or that someone has cancer .. no one respects the fact a student may be discussing an exam result or a certain issue that requires privacy .. no one respects the fact that an employee may be getting fired by his boss when they barge in!

Where the hell is your manners? Forgot them at home?

Well guess what?! It gives a bad image to Arabs!! You worried people think you go to school on camels .. stop worrying cause they think you’re also rude and ignorant!

What’s the use of all this education and all the money if we’re rude and don’t respect people? It’s very simple, do not interrupt, just KNOCK AND WAIT!! 😀


5 Responses

  1. Haha I’m guessing you were in a room with someone and this happened??

    • no i was in a class when a student barged in and a teacher gave him a lecture 😛

  2. lmao, it never hurts to knock & wait.. unless you wait for more than an hour… 😛 lol


    • dont worry u wont wait for an hour! 😛

      • Hmm you could if you were waiting for the person to say come in and they didn’t hear you knock or if no-one was in…

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