White ‘n Blue

Morning .. good luck for all those with exams and for those with meetings and projects to finish this week .. ya36eekom il 3afya 😉

Today I’m taking you on a tour of the Water towers near Bayan Palace .. now to be honest there’s nothing special there .. bare land, a white box for the security guard and these towers!

What’s in them? Well some of them just have a spiral stair case which takes you to the top .. others have buzzing machines with dials and stuff .. i guess i could have closed one down 😛

So I’ll leave you with the pics i took there 🙂

the stair case inside the tower!


18 Responses

  1. I never knew you could go and visit?

    Inzain… laish ma itzoor mokan thanee o it9awer? A scary haunted place mathalan :p I am too chicken to go but i want to see whats inside!

    • i dont think you can go and visit bas chithi casually 😛 my dad works there 😉

      hmm maybe that haunted palace near the petrol station in bayan? friends are you with me? June 15th? go to a haunted place?? 😛

      • always up for a haunted adventure 😀 i live to haunt XD

      • i doubt karamel will agree though 😛

  2. Lol that’s cool how you get a private look around! What’s your dad do? And are you finished with school now or back next year?

    • my dad’s an employee in the moew .. he’s supposed to work there 😛 and yup done with school! 😀

      • Haha awesome!! I loved being done with school but you know what ( and this is going to sound crazy) I really really miss it!! What’s next for you?

      • I’ll apply for a government scholarship inshala 🙂

      • Does that mean we have to call you sir? Hehe. Not interested in college?

      • well yeah a scholarship for college abroad 🙂

      • Ohhh lol I totally read that wrong… Thinking u ment u wanted to work for the gov. Lol.
        So where u wanting to go to school?

  3. i know whats up in there 😀 its supposed to be secret tho.. ok up there.. there is just crystal sea blue water with like a small island with a palm tree. thats what i been told when i was a baby XD 😛


    • they lied >.<

      • It would’a been cool if it was!

  4. I wonder what these symbolise :/

    • hmm good question .. got no idea 😛

  5. Nice shots 🙂
    I can’t imagine going there in this heat.

    • Inspired by your post! 😉

      Of course not the same quality .. i used my 2MP mobile camera 😛

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