Tourism in Kuwait?

I was driving past the Kuwait towers when I noticed a foreign looking family taking a picture in front of our towers. I thought mm nice so we got tourists here, but then I started wondering .. what the hell do they do in Kuwait? Other than malls and restaurants what do we have?!

OK we have the scientific centre, thumbs up to that, mm we also have .. can’t think of anything >.<

Why don’t we get touristy places here in Kuwait??

Museums! A natural history museum, a transport museum .. we got many historical car collectors in Kuwait .. instead of gathering dust in house garages put them in a museum!

What about tours? an open bus tour of Kuwait city would be nice, weather can be controlled don’t give me that! What about a tour of Jaber Stadium? mm the Kuwait mills? Zain or Wataniya? Al Watan newspaper? Sief palace? Parliament building? .. people would enjoy walking around places like these.

Our Islands! We got Failaka island with its Roman heritage there .. but no publicity! no maintenance! Put up adverts saying you have trips there .. a proper website explaining what’s there and what you can do .. put up brochures in hotels and in the airport!

Galleries? Put our local talents on the spot light! And showcase some world wide art pieces .. someone must be interested! Libraries! It’d be nice to have a national library like we see around the world! It can include historical books and artifacts from Kuwait!

I got many more ideas .. theaters, movie festivals, live shows, stand up comedy, boat trips, scuba diving ….. etc.

I’m only 16 years old! I can’t go and do these things .. well if I got the money and permission I will .. but i don’t 😛


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  1. yeah, Kuwait lacks of such places! we’ve started a series of posts about tourism in Kuwait, you are welcome to check them out

    I guess we need more indoor stuff to overcome weather impact 🙂

    • wow great posts there .. never knew we had a heritage museum 😮

      you see this is what we lack .. we may have some places but no one knows about them!!

      Thanks for sharing the link I’ll be following to discover more places 🙂

  2. i saw 1 museum here 😀 i think that what we really need are Carnivals!! 😀 i love em, we all do 🙂


    • with a ferris wheel and cotton candy? hmm not bad idea .. organize it sometime in January when the weather is good 🙂

  3. Hmm cotton candy sounds good. Can we get candy apples too please!! And don’t forget the beaches, they’re pretty cool.

    • A beach carnival with cotton candy and candy apples sometime in June .. girls in bikinis .. all having fun! 😀 hehe 😛

      • lol u & girls XD hopefully girls who look like a celebrity, i dunno maybe shakira 😉 *wink wink* and how bout Karamel Apples!!! theyre awesome & sushi 😛


      • no no stop imagining please 😛 haha

  4. You guys need to be on the tourism ministry.


    • haha do we have one? 😛

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