I was flipping through today’s Al Watan newspaper and this brochure from a place called Wathakir fell out. It had the World Cup on it’s cover, so i thought it’s a supplement from Al Watan .. it was’nt!

They showed pictures of a man sticking his head in a cow’s ass .. I’m not kdding here .. I’m serious!! They showed a picture of guys in army clothes .. caption? dima2 al nas tora8 min ajl al kora .. aka people are being killed because of football .. where?? 😮

They also put up a picture of the Oylimpic flame and made it clear it’s non islamic and that the greeks used to pray to that flame .. oookaaaayyyy

They also put up a pic of a VIP stand in one of the stadiums and said they were wastign time and money .. hmmm I can waste a couple of days designing this flyer but not 90 minutes enjoying a game on TV or live .. weeeeiiiiirrrrddd!

And last but not least they had THAT:

Please tell me they did NOT say watching a football game is haram .. please please tell me that!

God people these days .. VERRRYYYY bored!!


8 Responses

  1. Loooooooooool…..
    I like this ;p
    it means that the Tv will be free then ;p

    • LOL!

      don’t worry Kuwaiti’s are not that religious 😛

  2. It’s sad, really really sad. I wonder when will they stop interpreting things as they desire?

    • hmmm good question .. when cows dance in Lady Gaga video clips? yeah i think then they’ll stop! 😛

      • Cows in Lady Gaga video clips? Lol then it’s gonna be so soon inshala ;p

  3. is that meant to be an insult towards GaGa? come forward and i shall banish thee who insult… shee? oh wel i tried lol


    • after her Alejandro video clip she deserves some insults!! 😛

      • ya ur prolly right lol she freaked me out


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