WTF: Customs!

I know what you’re thinking “he’s gotta be pissed this week, two WTF posts in a row?!?!” well i am kind off.

WTF happened?

Customs! They happened!

I know, you know, we all know our customs stop and keep things like books, DVDs, magasines, food, some kinds of electronics, right?

But have you ever heard of them keeping Exam papers? Yes! a pack of AS Chemistry exam papers from Edexcel, London!!!

What the hell? Why? You want to do them? You want to see how hard they are? mm what? Someone suggested drugs .. DRUGS?! from an international exam board??

The head teacher calls the exam board, they send her the exam via email, she prints them, gets them photocopied, and we do the exam 30 minutes late. A board exam photocopied as if I printed it out .. quality of print and staples failed. Damn you customs!!

OK where are the exams now? They’re legal documents!! Their answer? Oh we lost the paper work? No you did not lose the paper work! Because I’ve already done paper 3 and paper 1 of the exam! Lazy bastards!!!

Oh and a mini WTF .. WTF: Oldie you can’t count!

Please don’t let ms. oldie the fly count the exam papers .. i want to get home not stay in a hall and listen to the register again and again to see them realise the girl was absent .. we have thirty year old teachers .. they have better eye sight!!

And on a lighter note .. tomorrow is the last day at school! I’m leaving this dump for ever!! 😀


10 Responses

  1. wow u have got to be really pissed.. really really pissed.. im sry lol


    • I didn’t look pissed this afternoon did I? 😛

  2. Lmaooooooooooo @ this

    • hehe you should have been there 😛

  3. I hate customs

    • sheesh who doesn’t 😛

  4. Cool headline: ‘Chemistry Papers Held for Analysis’
    … Sorry.

    • The Bio paper today was also photocopied .. the head teacher had to go to the airport and clear them .. weird customs!!

  5. Awal marra asm3 legal o personal documents are held in customs… y3ni it could very well be private documents or a will or something… is this even constitutional?

    • I really don’t know .. thank god we were allowed to do the photocopied ones chan mako imti7anat and we would have got Xs :S

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