WTF: B&B Ministries!

It’s another WTF post, I’m really shutting down now but I have to post this otherwise I’ll forget till tomorrow.

Yesterday morning I wake up at 7.00 AM drive with dad, drop sis at school, then head to one of the ministries to do some certificate related crap.

We arrive there at 7.45 AM .. the workers walk in with us .. good start! We walk around the building, cracked walls, tens of printed signs designed in Word hung everywhere, smells of a breakfast room in a hotel. Nothing I expected in a ministry in Kuwait.

Can’t they have one sign on a glass plaque put up, neat and tidy, takes people to their right places?

Anyways, so we reach the place, I have certificates from Cambridge Uni and a statement of results from Cambridge stamped by the British Council. They don;t want the certificate but ask for the statement instead. Weird? I can easily forge one of these, no security prints or anything where was the certificate is on special paper and has a heat spot and all the crap! Silly stuff here!

Then we play a game of tennis as we’re sent from room to room, stamp this, copy that, sign this, print that, all while the workers are munching on their breakfasts and drinking their coffees and reading their newspapers!

The final signature was needed from their big boss, she had a fairy room!! All pink with flowers and all, a pink bin with pink plastic bag, coloring pencils on the desk, very professional! I also liked her pink box of Lipton tea bags!!

What the hell? Is it a friggin Bed&Breakfast? Do they sleep here? then wake up and have a heartly breakfast?

Oh and one of the essential women I needed signatures from was 30 minutes late .. typical!

Why can’t we have all this online? I wake up whenever I feel like it, upload my documents, send them, they stamp and sign (just copy/paste) .. and they send them back! Easy!!!


6 Responses

  1. You didnt get to eat too? You werent invited to eat? hmph thats just plain wrong, typical selfish behaviour >.< lol


    • LOL!! 😛

  2. The people running the ministry don’t care about us 😦 Look at the difference in the public schools in the US and the ones here… and they have a bigger population and less money (GDP) than us

    • aww cheer up .. at least we got the oil! 😛

  3. Ministries are giant pinball machines: they throw you around battering you in the process only to end up where you started 🙂

    • exactly!!

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