I’ve been tagged

This has been going around lately throughout the Kuwaiti blog sphere, so the rules are:

1) Mention the name of the blogger who tagged you. They call it HW LOL! 😛

2) List 6 things people won’t know about you when they first meet you. So in other words 6 secrets.

3) Tag 6 more bloggers!

OK so let’s start ..

1) Danderma tagged me! 😀

2) Six things people don’t know about me .. hmmm:

– I sing in the shower.

– I love sleeping in complete silence and darkness. Slight sounds wake me.

– I’m into photography.

– I don’t like animals. Rabbits, ducks, cats, dogs, chickens, HAMSTERS! You name it. If you put me in a room with them I’ll scream 😛

– I’m a book worm, I read 1 or 2 books per month.

– I’m really into politics, British politics in particular.

– I’m most comfortable in shorts and a polo shirt.

3) I’m gonna tag Karamel, Jake, BuYousef, the M code, Eden and FourMe!

Thanks for the tag Danderma!! 😉


9 Responses

  1. lolool, i guess imma do the same, and I have to do it as a post right? hmm.. can I tag some of the people you tagged too? 😛 lol


    • yeah that’s how a tag works 😛 and no you cant tag the same people 😛

      • ya.. the Tagged stuff should actually be sharing 7 secrets and tagging 7 bloggers XD. checked it on the internet & got a picture 😀


  2. This is the first time that i hear about a guy who doesn’t like animals? I thought all men are programmed to like animals?

    But i share your sentiment sra7a… they are furry o smelly o pulsing o scary b3d… Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    7yatee FourMe i don’t think she has the strength to do it though i wish she could 😦

    • oh no no i wont touch one or have it in my room .. mind you you wont see me screaming if i see a cat in the street .. thats what Kuwaiti girls do 😛

      yeah i tagged her as a kind of encouragement .. inshala she does it .. ulla yishafeeha 🙂

  3. I just did mine ^.^

    • i’ll go check it out 😛

  4. Since I keep my blog strictly for photo posts, I won’t opt out completely, but I’ll answer you here 🙂 hope you don’t mind.

    I love animals (always have done) which according to Danderma makes me typical… LOL. This, everyone knows, so below are my six ‘secrets’:

    1. I love football. I think I play very well – but no one seems to agree… They’re all wrong. Trust me.
    2. I pick my nose when I’m alone. Sometimes wash my hands afterwards.
    3. I LOVE clever comedy and can’t get enough if it.
    4. I’m a podcast freak! I listen and watch more podcasts than tv! – and THAT dear cousin – is saying something.
    5. I sleep very little.
    6. I speak Danish. A useless language outside Denmark!

    I won’t tag others as I can’t reciprocate. Keep up the fun blog.

    • They just dont see your talent 😛 and oooh podcasts!! I love em .. especially the ones from the BBC! 🙂

      thanks for taking part!! 😉

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