WTF:”Kuwait Crime”

The Arab Times, is considered a leading English newspaper in Kuwait, read by many expats, especially teachers!

What I found uncalled for was the section “Kuwait Crime”. There is simply no reason a member of the public is interested in “Police hunt for Salmiya kisser” or “Lovers in ‘shaking’ car“. They read them to have a laugh!

Kuwait Exposed? no need for that, get a copy of the Arab Times. The news articles published there are simply outrageous!

Virgin wife says Canadian husband wants indecent sex

Lover drugs, rapes girlfriend in Khaitan flat

Sex in the ‘loo’

Rai shop found selling male genital toys

And many many more!! 😮

What the hell? A teacher was chatting and told me he took one of these issues back home to the UK to show to his friends, they thought it was a joke or something.

Yes, I’ve been to the UK, and I’ve bought their newspapers, and read their articles, but that’s the UK, we’re in Kuwait and our friends at the Arab Times here completely lost it!

The same is seen in leading Arabic newspapers like Al Watan and Al Rai .. but they’re not explicit! Although I also think they’re uncalled for as well, why would I want to know that Sheikh Major blah blah Al Sabah (no offense intended but they include the long names every time) caught a durg dealing gang. Did he? That big Al Sabah guy run after the drug delaers and captured them? I highly doubt it.

Oh well at least we get something to laugh at! 😛


7 Responses

  1. Oh crap!!!! that was hilarious LOL 😛 but honeslty it doesnt do the country any good! someone has to take serious action!!!

    • it gives Kuwait a nice sense of humor! 😛

  2. Lmaoooo…Gotta love Arab Times 😛

    • hehehe I know you asked your dad for a subscription! Perv! 😛 hahaha JK

  3. what ya gonna do? laugh it off lol


    • im gonna post it on my blog so people realise whats happening and do something about it .. if i go on saying “what am i gonna do, let me laugh it off” I’ll be of similar use to the chair you’re sitting on now.

      we guys have to speak out when we see things like this, these newspapers are read by many people around the world!

  4. what u gonna do? sue them? scream at them? not buy their paper? there are millions there and u just cant stop em!!

    p.s: that rhymes lol, complete coincidence


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