Update: Exams!

So I thought I’d update you guys ..

I’m in the heart of my examination timetable, 3 more weeks to go! 6 papers left!

I would have wrote a daily diary but I was really busy with back to back exams and full time revision. My Biology exam was good, that morning I spent 5 minutes listening to a friend explaining how he got a cut in his ass :S Yes very weird I know!!

My Computing exam was OK, I was the only one doing it in a hall of 200 seats, I had 2 hours 30 minutes, finished in 2 hours and had a staring contest with one of the invigilators, I won! 😀

The Arabic exam was 2 hours 45 minutes, but because it’s Arabic the school let us leave after 1 and a half hours! 😛 I love my school!

Got 3 papers this week, then a whole week with no exams, dunno what I’ll do there, prolly start celebrating summer! 😛

Then it’s another 3 papers in the last week, and finally I can actually have a sigh of relief, oh no I wont, I’ll be waiting for my results which come out sometime in August. Darn the board exams!

What’s gonna happen after the exams? Well I’m planning a full renovation to the blog, changing the theme and the banner. I’ll resume my Q&A sessions so bloggers be ready! I’m also planning a group project with my friends, which I’ll reveal after the exams.

Anyways, good luck all, do your best, and I’ll see you soon! 😉


8 Responses

  1. Goodluck to you, Know that all of this will end. One day. =)

    • that “One Day” is the 8th of June .. screw results! 😛

  2. Good luuuuuuuuuuuuuck ..

    inshallah kilman bl dinya yinja7.. (including moi ;P)

    • Thank you!!! Yeah inshala! 😛

  3. May we all pass and enjoy, and to those who’re gonna fail, have a happy failing 😀
    *cough* whats the *cough* project? *cough* lmfaoo XD


    • LOL!! I clearly said I’ll reveal after the exams!

      And hey dont be nasty, all of them will pass, even Panda! 😛

  4. Good luck 🙂
    Make us all proud (more than usual)

    • Thanks! 😀

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