Border Mania!

We’ve all seen the countries borders in the maps in atlases and on the internet right? Well have you ever wandered how these borders really look like?

I’ll share my favorites with you 🙂

That’s the border between the Netherlands and Belgium. You can drink your coffee in both countries at the same time!

So that’s the border between the USA (left) and Mexico (right). We can see a huge difference!

I liked that one a lot! It’s the border between Asia and Europe, in Russia.

That’s the border between S. Korea (left) and N. Korea (right).

That’s a great one! The borders of the states of Nevada and California. In a swimming pool! (PS. I wasn’t the one that censored the picture! :P)

So next time whilst abroad, go look for these borders, some may be lame (like our border with Saudi) but some maybe great!

Hope you enjoyed 😉


8 Responses

  1. cool! love the one between Mexico & USA, my fav!!


    • my fav. is the one between North and South Korea .. I’ll send you an email with all the countries 😉

  2. Cool… I like the cafe and the swimming pool 🙂
    Censorship is bad for health!

    • yeah i liked that too .. and LOL!! 😛

  3. I can’t imagine hving such borders with Iraq like the one with NL & B hehe 😛

    • LOL!!

      no one can imagine that! 😛

  4. I found this on google, many thanks for writing this, it was just what I had been seeking for!

    • glad you liked it .. come again! 🙂

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