Department store Harrods is sold‏!

London Landmark Harrods has been sold for a fee of around £1.5bn, the BBC can confirm.

Owner Mohammed Al Fayed has agreed to sell the exclusive west London store to Qatar Holdings.

The deal was signed in the early hours of 8 May and should be announced within the next few hours, BBC business correspondent Joe Lynam said.

Reports in March had suggested that the Gulf-based investor, which works on behalf of the royal family in the Arab emirate of Qatar, had approached Mr Al Fayed about a possible deal. However, staff were assured at the time that the store was not for sale.

– BBC News

I didn’t even get a chance to say my goodbyes last summer 😦

I really hope the new owners don’t change a thing, just keep everything the same! From the security guys asking me to remove my backpack and holding it, to the Princess Diana memorial!

I was kinda surprised that Al Fayed sold it, I thought he loved it so much and would never give it up.

Oh well, I really really hope we won’t be affected!! 😛


3 Responses

  1. Ya I don’t really know much bout stuff like that.. But ya.. He gained a fortune!! Lol


    • he gained a fortune and retired .. living the life eh? no exams no studies? 😛

      • luckyyyy 😦 hes gonna die before spending all that money.. Should he share it at least?
        Preferably with a 16 year old teenager.. maybe me? lol


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