‘Historic’ day as first non-latin web addresses go live!

Arab nations are leading a “historic” charge to make the world wide web live up to its name.

Net regulator Icann has switched on a system that allows full web addresses that contain no Latin characters. Meaning we can now enter Arabic web addresses!

Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are the first countries to have so-called “country codes” written in Arabic scripts. Surprised Kuwait is not on the list, our e-gov needs something like this I’m sure, will make life easier for people who can’t type in English.

New domains are available for use now, looking forward to the witty names the Arabs will come up with! 😛


5 Responses

  1. ya.. thats cool.. i guess lol


    • LOL!! 😛

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  3. I have a bad feeling this is going to mess up the internet :/

    • hehe you know arabs 😛

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