5 year old racist?

Whilst helping Jenan the 5 year old cutie pie paint her cow in the K.G. Department this morning, all hell breaks down, I hear all the curses I’ve learnt throughout the years, I look at the kid, then look at the source of the shouts, well well if it isn’t Aziz.

I run up to him, thump him on the arm, remind him we’re surrounded by kids and teachers, and ask him to shut the fuck up, he doesn’t! I’m thinking what the hell happened that made him have this breakdown?!

Apparently the 5 year old kid he was helping called him, the black man, what she exactly said was “hay hay inta yal aswad!”. WOW! πŸ˜› Now aziz is not black, he’s brown, but people at school call him Obama and stuff. He has had enough, so he told the 5 year old off.

Aziz then took the independence to complain to the class teacher, he told off the 5 year old, demanded to speak to her parents, the kid broke into tears, she’s chubby and cute, imagine her with tears!! He also went to the K.G. head teacher and complained to her, also asked to see the kid’s parents, very dramatic, but 100% true!

Here’s what I have to say:

Aziz is 16 years old, the kid is only 5, the insults he shouted were serious, and really inappropriate especially in the place we were in. You don’t go to a kid and start calling her disgraceful and a racist, she won’t understand! I blame the parents, a kid shouldn’t say such things, BUT Aziz over reacted and shouldn’t have done what he did.

And a 5 year old is not a racist, I mean come on! She just saw you were black, and called you black, we should have applauded her because they were learning the colors last week! She doesn’t know it’s wrong! Shame on you Aziz!


13 Responses

  1. you blog fast!! and ya, he is wrong..


    • i waited for u guys to blog about it but non of u did so i had the honor to do so πŸ˜›

  2. hmm…i feel bad for both!!

    • controversial story! πŸ˜›

  3. :S
    both of them yakseroon il 5a6er.. :S

    • hehe .. the girl taksir il 5a6ir more .. you should have seen her tears!

  4. […] Joey ( To the story, directly):Β  https://avenuesq8.wordpress.com/2010/05/05/5-year-old-racist/#comments […]

  5. That girl in the pic is creepy

    • really?

  6. Aziz mo bas over reacted .. ella super reacted :S .. i mean come on she’s just a kid .. w ba3dain i dont think people in kuwait pay attention to colour AT ALL .. ma 3ndna african- kuwaity !!! w black people in kwt were not slaves at sum point in time .. i mean we have shyoo5 that are black .. so i dnt see what aziz was all upset about

    • EXACTLY!!!

      and thanks for passing by! πŸ™‚

  7. Obviously you guys have been traumatizing aziz poor guy that was probably the last straw for him. Bs I think he overreacted she’s a kid after all and doesn’t know much. I demand updates on this dramatic story ;p

    Bs look at you running to the rescue, what a gentleman πŸ˜‰

    I gotta admit, I enjoy reading your blog. Nice to know we still have nice guys around and that not everyone been corrupted by the evil little bunnies ;p

    • He still wanted to talk to the kid’s parents today, I talked him out of it πŸ˜› thank god we’re on study leave now so no more annoying little kids πŸ˜›

      the kid he told off came to school today, she hates the guy! hehe πŸ˜›

      and thanks for the compliment .. do come again! πŸ™‚

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