Ugly Truth!

I stayed up till 1 AM last night watching the interview on Al Watan TV and I’m sure many of you have. The interview with Dana and her father was heart breaking, and was very emotional, ulla yi9abrhom inshala.

Khaled Al Abdul Jalil showed us both sides of the story, Dana and her father’s story, and the Ministry of Interior’s story. First off, why didn’t the policeman that caused this show up? Why did they put someone else instead of him? Wasn’t he brave enough or what? Scared that Mr. Al Abdul Jalil will ask him questions that’ll put him on the spot and make him look like a pussy? Don’t tell me its ministry regulations; hah they put someone else instead of him!

Now what I learnt from the MOIs representative was that everything the policeman did was legal, and nothing was wrong. Al Abdul Jalil asked him some harsh questions that the rep. found hard answering. Can a non-uniform policeman stop and arrest anyone on the streets? Was it necessary to drive Dana to the investigation building in Hawally in a police car? With sirens? Why didn’t you allow her parents to accompany her? The rep. answered these questions, but with vague answers.

The scenario could have been more civilized, the policeman, when he saw the alleged middle finger being pointed at him, could have taken the car’s number, and went to the police station and filed a case there. Dana would then drive to the investigation building in Hawally with her father, and non of the trauma would have happened.

Another question here, a sane, educated, Kuwaiti woman would not drive back from university and give the middle finger to a passer by randomly like that. If Dana did give the middle finger to the police man, what caused her to do so? I saw her on TV last night, she wasn’t mad. What did the policeman do that provoked Dana?

My dad quickly summed the story up by saying that the policeman was right, and that he did the right thing. I said to him do you remember the whacko that burned down the wedding tent last summer? He said yeah. I told him how was she taken to the police station? Do you remember? She was driven there by her brother (if my memory doesn’t fail me). She killed over 50 women, and was treated with respect, the respect every Kuwaiti must get, but Dana here was treated with shit, just because she spoke in English, just because her mother was British.

I’m sure we have great policemen in Kuwait, men who really care about us, but the minority who are damaging our International image, these must go!

From the MOIs reaction yesterday, I predicted that nothing will be happening, nothing serious that is, but be sure that god will be with you, and will punish the right and the wrong!


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  2. Hi. Can I ask where you got that screen shot from? I want to read the article but the text is too small for me read

    • Al Watan newspaper, yesterdays issue, you can find it on their website 🙂

  3. I didnt see the interview… i have no watan tv… i will search for it on youtube…

    But you have a good point there… the 50+ women killer was driven to the station while this poor child was dragged there…

    and i agree… even if she gave him the middle finger… why would she? Just felt like it y3ni?

    la 7awla wala qowata ella be Allah… i don

    • it’s sad wulla 😦

  4. Sadly…I missed that episode, tell me about it on Sunday 😀

    • LOL okie 😛

  5. This is what the world sees about Kuwait – obnoxious morons taking advantage of women and children. It’s time to hold these hypocrites accountable.

    • yeah it is! We’ve had enough!!

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