Update: That is Sad

I posted about the tragic event last Friday, the event that’s so disgusting I’m goosebumps just writing about it here. A close friend of the victim Dana Al Khamis has emailed ilsul6ana, and she outlined what exactly happened. Again hoping the mother’s soul rests in peace.

This is a story regarding Dana and Julie Khamis, and the police officer that ruined their lives.

Dana’s story is in Al Watan newspaper (the Friday 23rd newspaper, page 46, and it is also on their website). it is sick how some of the authorities in Kuwait feel like it’s ok to take advantage of their “power”! What kind of image are we as a country sending to the younger generation and to the foreigners that live in our country? It is disgusting and something needs to be done!

This incident with Dana took place on Monday 19th April 2010 afternoon, and following this, her mother tragically passed away on their way to see a lawyer- Wednesday evening 8pm (exactly when they called for prayer time). May she Rest in Peace.

Following these incidents Dana has been interviewed by Al Watan TV and the show will be aired hopefully this Thursday on Khaled Abdul Jaleel’s show. Dana and her family would really appreciate if everyone would pass this information around. The interview will truly leave people in tears.

Any kind of support for Dana and her family would be much appreciated. Thank you.


Via iLSuL6ana blog.


10 Responses

  1. Thank u so much for posting this! And believe me Dana Khamis truly appreicates ur support xx

    • It’s nothing, if we don’t speak up this will continue, today it’s Dana’s family, tomorrow it maybe mine! Please send my sincere condolences to Dana and her family.

  2. I’ve just got news that her story is being talked about on MARINA FM

    • Oh I was at school 😦

  3. I’m staying home this Thursday..

    • I’m sure most of Kuwait are, we want the truth!

  4. Q80BOY- i have sent Dana the link to this website and she will viewing all the comments, and hopefully if she has the time she will comment herself 🙂

    Karamel- thank u sweety 🙂

    • that would be great actually, thanks Nadia 🙂

  5. I just saw AlWatan’s coverage on the issue. It’s all about the right actions and correct coverage from here on out I think.

    I posted what I think: http://somecontrast.com/2010/04/this-cant-be-happening-in-kuwait/#comment-21820

    • I just posted my views regarding the interview yesterday. Thanks for passing by! 🙂

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